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Hotel rooms
  • Standart: single
    Standart: single
    from 1790 rubles/night
  • Standart: double
    Standart: double
    from 1790 rubles/night
  • Business class: single
    Business class: single
    from 1710 rubles/night
  • Business class: double
    Business class: double
    from 1710 rubles/night
  • First class: single
    First class: single
    from 1890 rubles/night
  • First class: double
    First class: double
    from 1890 rubles/night
  • Wedding
    from 8275 rubles/night
105613, Russian Federation, Moscow
"Partizanskaya" metro station
Izmailovo Hotel Complex, Beta Hotel

Izmailovo Beta

Izmailovo Hotel is a huge hotel complex of four bulks – “Alfa”, “Beta”, “Vega”, and “Gamma/Delta”. The Izmailovo hotel complex renders to all necessary conveniences and services for tourists and businessmen.

Our Izmailovo Beta hotel is situated at a distance of 30 meters from the “Partizanskaya” metro station (location map, address and teledatas of the hotel), in the most green district of Moscow, in 5 minutes of walking from Izmailovsky Recreation and Entertainment Park. Windows of the hotel faces Izmailovsky Park and a new Moscow microdistrict. The infrastructure of Beta hotel is developed very much and provides and creates favorable conditions for rest and business combination.

The hotel prices: from 1790 rubles (~$50) to 6500 rubles (~$160) in a day (one if the cheapest hotel in Moscow!

Izmailovo Beta

There are double and single rooms performed on the Beta hotel’s web-site of the following room categories: Standart, Business class, First class, Wedding rooms.

At the same time even a comfortable suite room is given by low prices in comparison with Moscow hotels’ prices.

In the section “Izmailovo Hotel” you can find full information about the hotel, room reservation and also look at photos of Izmailovo hotel.

Moscow Izmailovo Beta Hotel: you’ll feel comfortable and simply cosy here!