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Izmailovsky hotel complex

The Izmailovsky hotel is a historical monument with a modern appearance. The Izmailovsky hotel complex was erected by the beginning of the Olympic games of 1980. IZMAILOVSKY HOTEL COMPLEX The first guests were foreign sportsmen, fans and journalists; Izmailovsky was cut out for amazing them by its fashionableness and cosiness.

The hotel complex was designed by an architect named Ju. Rabaev, which was awarded to the USSR State Prize.

After Olympiad, the Izmailovo hotel repeatedly used during important international arrangements. Beta hotel There lived guests of the XII World Youth and Student Festival, participants of the Good Will Games, Sports and Athletics meetings of USSR nations. With time the complex has become the one of tourist symbols of Moscow.

At the end of 1980-th – the beginning of 1990-th the hotel successfully blended with new, market economic activity. The main reason of such success was a high service quality with low prices. Izmailovsky has the developed infrastructure, supplying with everything necessary for either tourist rest or business activity.

The Izmailovsky hotel complex consists of four high-rise bulks - “Alfa”, “Beta”, “Vega”, “Gamma/Delta”. At guests’ will - 7500 comfortable rooms. There are many objects for business activity and entertainment (bowling, casino, restaurants) in the territory of the Moscow hotel.

The Izmailovsky Hotel complex is situated near the “Partizanskaya” metro station in one of the greenest Moscow districts. Serebryano-Vinogradny pond and view on Izmaylovo Kremlin To the south there is huge Izmailovsky Park literally in a few minutes of walking. From windows of our hotel you can see a green park body, an ancient complex of the “Gosudarev” court surrounded by the Serebryano-Vinogradny pond, carved towers of an artistic opening day and at a distance – high-rise buildings blocks. In this nook of Moscow antiquity and contemporaneity are harmonized with fantastically and graphically.

Photos of Izmailovo hotel

Summer photo of Izmailovo Hotel Winter photo of Izmailovo Hotel Reception of Izmaylovo hotel Izmailovo Kremlin at Summer Winter photo of Izmailovo Kremlin Izmailovsky hotel complex Panorama of Izmailovo Serebryano-Vinogradny pond